Jorge Moll: Altruism Satisfies the Brain.

Jorge Moll was working for the National Institute of Health when he made the connection. Along with one other scientist, Moll had been scanning the brains of several volunteers (Inspirery). They asked the test subjects to imagine a scenario where they donated money to a good cause or to imagine a scenario where they spent that money on themselves.

Jorge was originally the one who saw the connection, so he quickly sent an email to his colleague. “You gotta see this!” the email said.

When Jordan Grafman answered the email, he saw for himself what Moll was urging him to. The tests were showing that people who chose to donate money to a charity has brain activity similar to someone when they were having a meal. The brain was rewards them for being altruistic instead of greedy.

Some may be asking why this discovery by Jorge Moll is so great. Well, is simple, for centuries people have believed that the “moral-compass” of humanity was instilled into us by our teachings. Some believe that laws and punishment are all that hold the general good nature of humanity together.

Jorge Moll, with this discovery, has taken leaps and bounds towards proving that morality is hardwired into our brains. Jorge Moll has even examined instances where patients with damage to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex “lack the ability to feel their way to moral answers” and that patients who made harsh or immoral decisions often claimed the “end-justifies-the-means”


Jorge Moll says that this doesn’t necessarily make them completely immoral. He believes it means they may just not be subjected to as much emotional pain as us, and are able to make more rational decisions when morality isn’t as apparent to the patient.

The scientist believes that rather than trying to redefine what it means to be a person of high morals, the definition of the word morality should be changed. Instead of morality referring to purely being of good nature, morality should refer to the process in which people reason whether a decision is good or bad.

Jorge Moll currently lives in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and graduated in the medical field from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro in 1994.


Dr. Mark Holterman Treats Pediatric Patients with Surgery and Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgeon in Peoria, Illinois. Dr. Holterman is a pediatric surgeon at three hospitals: he performs pediatric surgeries at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, at St. Francis Medical Center, and at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital (Crunchbase). He also works with pediatric patients at the University of Illinois’ hospital. The doctor maintains two offices, one in Peoria and the other in Maywood, Illinois.

In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Holterman also conducts medical research in the areas of stem cells therapies and regenerative medicine. His medical research at the University of Illinois also includes developing treatments for diabetes and cancer. In addition to his medical research, since 2011, the Doctor has been a professor of pediatrics and surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

The doctor’s career has taken many paths. His specialty is surgery and his pediatric medical practice; teaching medicine at the college; medical research; and writing medical journals, textbook chapters, scientific articles and educational contributions to medical websites. Dr. Holterman maintains a very busy life of work, activities and honors. He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Holterman has been honored by the American Diabetes Foundation with the Innovative Research Award.

Dr. Holterman studied biology at Yale University, graduating cum laude. He went to the University of Virginia to earn his PhD and MD. His residency was completed at the University of Virginia Health Sciences in general surgery. He garnered a fellowship in pediatric surgery at the University of Washington, Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Dr. Holterman varied experience over the years including the two years he worked at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal have prepared him for serving as the CEO of Miriam Global Health, a medical investment firm, which helps fund new technologically advanced medical businesses. It also gave him the necessary knowledge and curiosity to co-found the charitable organization, The Hannah Sunshine Foundation, which helps children with rare chronic illnesses. It helps them get access to cellular level regenerative treatments. All these things Dr. Mark Holterman does in an effort to help heal children.


Dr. Jorge Moll Continues His Research While Educating New Minds

Dr. Jorge Moll emailed Moll and Jordan Grafman with the fascinating results of a study that was conducted. The study compared volunteers’ brain activity when donating money to a charity versus keeping it for themselves. It showed that a part of their brain lit up when giving to charity, the same part that lights up during sex. This suggested that altruism or the act of giving with no benefit of your own, is wired into the brain (

Selflessness coincides with spiritual leaders’ beliefs. It also is a display at how neuroscience is now being discussed with topics such as morality. Neuroscientist are using brain imagining along with social sciences, such as psychology, to determine if humans are built in moral-compasses into their brain. Research now shows a biological connection with morality, rather than something that is taught. The challenges of making moral choices is guided by emotion, shown by research conducted by Grafman.

Jorge Moll is a successful neuroscientist who is known throughout his field for his research. He gained his Master’s Degree from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and received his PhD in experimental physiopathology from the University of Sao Paulo. This institution is committed to research and higher education.

Dr. Jorge Moll is a highly cited author. Jorge’s work has been published in several journals, including the National Academy of Sciences in 2008. He now operates D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The IDOR is highly rated as an outstanding opportunity for students to develop their skills.

At IDOR, Dr. Jorge Moll offers students the hands-on ability to learn new, innovative techniques in the field of neuroscience. The institute offers various focuses in the field of neuroscience. Students also have the ability to conduct clinical studies to further grow in their field of study.


Perry Mandera’s excellence in Transport

Perry Mandera is the founder and CEO of Custom Companies inc. His career in transport started in the military forces where he served as a truck driver for the Marine Corps. After finishing his term, Perry worked as a driver for a number of companies before serving in the government as a republican ward committee man for the 26th ward of Chicago.

Ever since his first job as a Marine Corps driver, Perry Mandera developed a taste for excellence. This saw him get an honourable discharge from the marine forces. The culture of excellence he acquired in the army has helped him be successful in the transport industry. Other than inspiring his employees to work in excellence, Perry employs cutting edge technology to ensure that the services his company gives clients are top notch.

To ensure that clients stay in control of their packages being delivered, Perry Mandera uses the Warehouse Management System (WMS). This allows the clients to track the package they have trusted to a Custom Companies track driver from the time they pick it up to when it is delivered. This not only puts the clients at ease, it gives the control.

Custom companies also use unique bar codes on each package being delivered to ensure that the packages being transported do not get confused. It also ensures that the drivers pick the right package at the right time. This is made possible by Dock Management System (DMS). Mr Mandera’s training in the military and his long term experience in the transport business taught him that timing is everything in customer satisfaction.

Perry Mandera also uses the Cheetah Dispatch. In as much as the tools of trade are important and customer satisfaction is paramount to any service provider, Perry Madera recognizes that none of the awesome results his company enjoys would be possible without the worker’s efforts. By using Cheetah Dispatch, a system that allows drivers to access vital information such as delivery proof documents and pick up times, Parry makes the work of his drivers easier thus allowing them to give their best without feeling physically strained.

Mr Mandera’s care for the people he works with in his company is not a surprise considering the number of charities he is involved in (Customcares). Clearly he has the community at heart.


Dr. Mark Holterman – Pediatric Surgeon and Life Changing Researcher

Dr. Mark Holterman has a background and he is trained in both doctor’s medicine and in scientific research. Dr. Mark Holterman has been practicing for more than 20 years. He has practiced both general and children’s surgery. Dr. Holterman has participated in medical research for cancer treatments and the very difficult stem cell therapy research that needs every competent and qualified person that is willing and qualified to participate. He participates in obesity research due to the fact that obesity leads to numerous diseases (


Dr. Holterman created the Mariam Global Health Fund which allows the funding of much of his critical research. The fund allows Dr. Holterman to use the experiences that he has experienced throughout life and to make a difference in the lives of many others via research and development. The doctor has a team of brilliant scientists and physicians to maximize the effectiveness of his research.


Dr. Holterman’s Beliefs

Dr. Holterman believes that every person should be thankful for life and for everyone and for everything in their life. He believes that delegating things keeps a day simple. He enjoys specialty areas of research. He is a firm believer in regenerative medicine. Furthering the life of humans is the scientific side of his passion mixed with the also trained medical side. Together they pack a powerful command.

Dr. Holterman listens to and asks the opinions of his experts because he knows that the more brilliant minds that are focusing on a life changing product, the better. The doctor thinks that ideas should be valued as friends. One should not be so attached to your ideas that you will consider your ideas to be your child. Dr. Holteman believes that your ideas should only be shared with the team that you trust. Your ideas should not be shared with everyone.

Dr. Holterman treats cardiovascular conditions. He treats nerve related disorders. He participates in cellular therapy and in many more of his passions. His passion to fix the world of people is a beautiful thing that we can not ignore.


Jorge Moll Further Explores the Biological Benefit of Giving

Jorge Moll has an impressive history in the medical field and earned an MD in Neuroscience at Rio de Janiero’s Federal University. He later completed his residency at the school and went on to earn a PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University (

Moll conducted an experiment a few years ago that suggested that it’s biological natural for humans to be charitable toward each other. His studies suggest that being kind is not necessarily a morally superior trait, because helping others or donating to charity activated the pleasure center of the brain, the same way that people feel pleasure associated with sex or having a good meal. Jorge Moll and his research partner Jordan Grafman found in 2006 that being unselfish is a matter of neuroscience, which suggests that people do good to others because it evokes good feelings.

Moll has also always been committed to helping people who want to rid themselves of conditions that impact their daily life. She is current a board member and president of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) and serves as the director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. In addition to his successful career, Moll is also a devoted family man and a resident of Rio de Janiero. He states that he has always had a passion for advancing healthcare in his native country.

Moll states that is daily routine is often filled with meetings. He also speaks with scientists, fellow researchers and students as well as business owners to help them in their quest to understand those they are trying to reach. Jorge believes that it’s important to freely exchange ideas. Moll admits that there are plenty of ideas around him, including ones that he comes up with. The most difficult part of bringing these ideas to life is choosing the ones that are worthwhile. The ideas that are best for collaboration are often best.


Dr. Mark Holterman Brings Medical Help To Those In Need

Dr. Mark Holterman, was raised in humble beginnings. Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, Dr. Holterman and his parents never entertained the idea of him going to college. He was an excellent student and with the encouragement of a high school teacher found himself graduating and attending Yale. He was the first in his family to obtain a degree (

He decided to study Biology and graduated in 1980. He then went on to medical school at the University of Virginia. This is where Dr. Holterman decided to become a pediatrician and medical scientist. His education took him to pediatrics and pediatric surgery. At the University of Virginia he met his wife and they later married in 1988.

Dr. Mark Holterman is a practicing surgeon at the University of Illinois hospital facilities, Children’s Hospital of Illinois and St. Francis Medical Center. Aside from being a practicing surgeon, Dr. Holterman, is also a member of the faculty at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He currently teaches courses in pediatrics and surgery. He is also a medical researcher and studies stem cells and regenerative treatments to fight cancer and diabetes. There is great hope that new treatments could emerge over the next several years and Dr. Holterman’s studies will contribute to them.

His medical research has also driven him to find a way to help others. Dr. Mark and his wife co- founded a charitable organization called, Hannah Sunshine Foundation. This foundation pairs up children who have rare illnesses and with doctors who can help them and provides the funds to make it possible for them to receive treatment.

Dr. Holterman and his wife are driven to help others. While visiting her native country of Vietnam, they learned that many people had to travel a great distance to receive medical treatment for their children. Hoping to help the people of Vietnam, they began a non profit to bring pediatric services through out the country. They officially started their non-profit organization in 2009. One of the top priorities of the organization is to help improve hospital conditions in Vietnam. The organization also helps match children in need of help with skilled surgeons.


End Citizens United Believes in Conor Lamb

Conor Lamb is the name of a Democrat who is searching for success in the race for Congress district representation. He was in the process of finishing an interview recently. That’s when Ted Skowvron came up to him. Skowvron is a veteran who is 93 years in age. The vet was sporting a hat from World War II at the time. He wanted to give Lamb a handshake. Lamb expressed his gratitude to Skowvron for his military service. He wanted to know where the man had been stationed. Skowvron told him that he had worked at a theater in Europe. He didn’t feel like talking about that in greater detail, though. He felt like talking about the United States’ President, also known as Donald Trump. He’s a determined Democrat who, simply put, wants to see President Trump go for good.

Conor Lamb is battling it out with a Republican who is called Rick Saccone. Lamb is equipped with the assistance of an organization that dislikes the concept of political spending. Tiffany Muller is the President of a group that’s referred to as End Citizens United. She says that Conor Lamb wishes to aid families in Pennsylvania who are neglected by problematic Washington, D.C. practices. This organization’s name comes from a choice the Supreme Court made back in 2010. This decision did away with restrictions that pertained to corporations and political spending.

Rick Saccone has reaped the rewards of an in-depth campaign that has been driven by conservatives who have significant influence. End Citizens United is a prominent PAC or “political action committee.” It was created in the late winter of 2015 and runs out of Washington, D.C. right now. The primary objective of End Citizens United is straightforward. It’s to turn around the Supreme Court’s aforementioned 2010 choice. The people who make up End Citizens United are not happy about the concept of substantial political spending. They’re not happy with the idea of Big Money affecting political matters of any kind.

This group has showed its desire to assist a number of political candidates who are part of the Democratic party. It has spoken up in behalf of Hillary Clinton, first of all. It has expressed the need to aid other well-known Democrats such as Zephyr Teachout, Beto O’Rourke, Russ Feingold, Jon Ossoff and, last but not least, Elizabeth Warren. This organization is one that tries to help candidates who are all about reform and change. It’s one that wants people all over the United States to understand the value of talking about political money matters. It’s one that focuses on spreading the word about laws that relate to potential reform as well. End Citizens United believes in grassroots techniques.

Ian King Expert Advice Is Changing Lives

Ian King has become a household name in American homes. The entrepreneur and trader has been working in the finance department for a while now, and he has earned a lot of popularity from the young and old. Many people in the United States say that Ian King is a cryptocurrency trader because of his accomplishments and understanding in this field. His expertise in the business industry is out of this world too.

This is because King has been working in this sector for more than twenty years, and he has proven to the society that he is an expert who is not afraid of taking on tough situations in the financial markets. Ian King has also been appreciated in the community because of his expertise in analyzing the stock market according to The investors who have chosen to listen to his expert advice have turned out to be very successful despite the tough times experienced by investors in the modern times.

At the moment, Ian King is working as one of the top contributors in an institution known as Investopedia. In one of his most recent interview, the expert says that his passion for the cryptoasset market motivated him to write in some of the leading newsletters. Ian King has been working with Banyan Hill Publishing, one of the top-rated platforms for some time, and he says that he is always excited to write about the cryptocurrency subject. His passion in this exciting topic has helped him to create an innovative program that has assisted the regular investors to easily navigate the robust markets and make some cash at the end of the day.

As one of the top editors from Banyan Hill Publishing, the businessman has written about complex topics such as ripple, Bitcoin, monero and several other cryptoassets on On one of the latest publications, the businessman is warning investors to be cautious when investing with Bitcoins. The businessman says that this form of currency has been doing well in the recent times, but its bubble is about to burst, and many investors might be affected. Wise people who will listen to his expert advice will not risk losing their money by investing in this area.

Although Ian King joined Banyan Hill Publishing last year, he has managed to transform the lives of so many readers. His greatest followers are investors who depend on the cryptoasset to make profits. Stock market traders have also benefited from his advice.

For more information about Ian King, just visit

Mike Baur: Committed The Helping Swiss Start-Ups To Succeed

Switzerland native Mike Baur is a very successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is also someone that is very much committed to helping young Swiss entrepreneurs and trying to make sure the Swiss economy has a bright future. To do that, Baur has co-founded the country’s leading private new business incubator, Swiss Start Up Factory. Baur started the enterprise with his friends Oliver Walzer and Max Meister in 2014 after retiring from a successful 20 year career in banking at age 39. The goal of the company is to give new Swiss start-ups the resources and support they need to do well.


Mike Baur has always been a very driven and focused individual. When he was very young, he decided he wanted to have a career in finance and banking. He earned a bachelors degree in business and finance from University of Applied Sciences Bern, an MBA from the University of Rochester and an executive MBA from Universität Bern. Baur also spent 20 year in the Swiss banking industry. He started as a commercial apprentice with UBS, moved on to Clariden Leu and by the time he retired in 2014 Mike Baur was on the board of a major Swiss financial institution.


Having achieved his life-long dream, Baur set out to help others do the same. He began investing in start-ups. However, he soon realized many of these companies lacked the resources, support and training to fulfill their potential. So he turned his attention to identifying viable start-ups and providing them with the training and resources they needed to succeed. He worked with the University of St Gallen start-up pitching contest, START Summiteer. Mike Baur also served as vice president of Innovation Lab Fribourg, deputy managing director of Swiss Startup Invest and co-founded the Swiss Startup Association and the Swiss Startup Group AG.


At the Zurich-based Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur helps design and run an intensive, comprehensive three month program designed to provide early stage startups with the coaching, mentoring, financing, office space and training they need. Once companies complete the program, they are given access to a huge global network of investors and entrepreneurs and exciting, lucrative business opportunities. The mission of Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory is to create successful global companies with innovative new products and business models.


To help more Swiss entrepreneurs, Mike Baur also works with CTI Invest, the Goldback Group and Fintech Fusion.