Dr. Jennifer Walden Providing Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery With Perfection

Dr. Jennifer Walden has made a name for herself in the field of aesthetic surgery in the United States. She practiced as a plastic surgeon in New York for over eight years before recently moving to Austin, Texas. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most highly reputed and trusted plastic surgeons in the country and provides a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including face lifts, eyelid lifts, Botox injection, a soft tissue filler, breast augmentation, nose lift, jawline lift, and more. Dr. Jennifer Walden completed her graduation from the Galveston Medical Branch of Texas University and did her fellowship from the reputed Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.

Over the years, Dr. Jennifer Walden has seen hundreds of patients and provided them with the advanced and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, getting them the results they desired. Cosmetic and plastic surgeries are very complex, and the surgeon needs to be having tremendous experience to understand what the client needs and perform the operation accordingly. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews online clearly showcase the amount of love and appreciation she has received from her patients, who love the result she has provided through the treatment she has implemented and more

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly talented plastic surgeon with nearly a decade-long experience in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery. She has handled numerous complex cases and has managed to get favorable results with them. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board-certified plastic surgeon and is associated with the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The patients of Dr. Jennifer Walden have posted numerous positive reviews online about her, which showcases the amount of trust she has gained of her clients over the years. She listens to what the patients have to say and follows the most advanced treatment method to ensure the desired result is achieved, always.

Securus Technologies Changing How Officers Run Prisons

I have been employed as a corrections officer for over a decade, and in that time I have seen how things have changed in our prison from dangerous to deadly. Inmates are more violent than ever, and will often take out their aggression on officers because we are usually the only law enforcement they come in contact with. The explosion in inmate populations and the easy accessibility of drugs in the jail makes my job that much more dangerous, so me and all the officers that work in this jail have to make efforts to control the contraband and keep the inmates from getting out of hand.


Our prison was in contact with Securus Technologies, and this as going to be a decision that would have huge positive implications for our facility. The company developed a jail phone monitoring system that allows my team to get a better listen to what the inmates are talking about on the phones without us having to sit and listen manually to those calls. The LBS software was going to pay closer attention than half a dozen officers could ever do, picking up specific chatter on things the inmates are talking about from weapons to contraband.


Now that my team of officers is back in force on the ground, we can better attack pressing issues when the alerts come down. To give you an example of how we are able to get in front of the trouble, here are just some of the things we have diffused this month. One inmate was using the jail phone to tell his gang brothers about a potential hit on a rival gang member, we eliminated the threat. One inmate was selling drugs and bragging about how he was gaining favor with a gang, we were able to confiscate those drugs that day.


Neurocore Works To Cure Depression

While it may be a surprise to many, depression is no simple matter, and there are a number of forms in which it can manifest. Different forms of depression can be caused by different things. Some types can be caused by life events or even the time of year, some can be brought on by chemical imbalances, or any number of other reasons. Depression can come and go, or it can be persistent, sticking around for many years. In any of the many forms it takes, depression is a struggle for anyone who suffers from it, and if not treated properly, it can be disastrous. There are a number of surprising ways in which it can manifest, and some may be harder to detect. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.

Depression Can Be Caused Seasonally

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, can surface when the seasons change, usually in the fall and winter. When days are getting significantly shorter, there’s less sunlight, and the weather becomes colder, some people may experience the onset of the symptoms of major depression.

Depression Is Often Part Of Bipolar Disorder

It may come as a surprise, but depression can play a significant part in bipolar disorders. But not only is depression common with the disorder, but bipolar disorder is a lot more common overall than many would think. Roughly one in five people who check in with a doctor to complain about the symptoms of depression are diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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The Length Of Depression Can Vary

Depression can vary greatly in length from one person to another. It can last as little as a day, or as long as years. However, these are generally not the same types of depression. Persistent depressive disorder is used to describe major depression which persists for more than two years, however, it is also its own condition apart from normal major depression.

Neurocore Centers

At Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, they specialize in the usage of technology to help their patients identify and address the symptoms of all the different types of depression.

Their Neurofeedback system uses brainwave mapping technology, and software which monitors brainwave activity in order to provide real-time feedback. The goal of this system is to help train their patient’s brain to function in a better-optimized range in order to reduce or eliminate unwanted symptoms entirely. In addition, it can serve to improve specific areas of focus, increase attention span, help manage stress, and more. Read more at dialdish.com about Neurocore.

Sentient AI Highly Useful in Improving the E-Commerce Customer Experience

The e-commerce companies are having a tough time these days to get the attention of its customers due to the massive competition in just about every niche. People are looking for more options these days when shopping online just as they do when shopping in a mall. It is primarily because many e-commerce companies exist today and due to the massive competition, it is necessary for the company to not only focus on marketing but also to enhance the e-commerce customer experience of the target users. Artificial intelligence has played a huge role in this regard as it doesn’t only allow the e-commerce sites to improve the on-site features by using the intuitive technology that showcases each customer the product profile as per their personal preferences, but also enhances the overall e-commerce customer experience.

The way the customer feels about shopping at a site is essential and smoother the experience of the customer at a site; more are the chances of him or her coming back to the site. Better customer experience is as essential as attentive customer service as it helps in getting repeat clients and building a loyal following of customers. Artificial intelligence technology helps the e-commerce sites to integrate technology that would help in adding personalization features. The AI technology takes into account the data of each customer individually for taste profiling so that the portal gives them the list of product recommendations as per their personal choice. Such a technology works like a personal concierge and improves the chances of sales conversion, which is essential to increase the revenue of the site.

The artificial intelligence technology can also clock the timing of your purchase and help remind the customers if it’s time to buy again, which is useful for the products that are monthly requirements. Such reminders help in triggering an increase in sales. The AI technology is also highly instrumental in increasing the quality of customer service of the company as it helps in ensuring that the customers get the answers they need through the Chatbot instantly. The artificial intelligence technology provided by the reputed company such as Sentient AI is highly potent and futuristic and receives regular updates, which helps the clients to stay updated with the latest improvements in the world of artificial intelligence. Sentient AI takes into account the requirements of its clients before providing them with the customized AI solutions that perfectly meet their needs.

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