The Facts About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is the firstborn child of Eva and Hillel Milstein after their marriage in 1950. Most of the early lifetime of the Adam Milstein was spent in Kiryat Motzkin. This came after the decision of the family to move their residence to the place. The rea two other siblings of Adam. His mother migrated from Mexico to the state of Israel in the year 1949. The father of Adam Milstein relocated to Israel for Argentina after the foundation of the country in the year 1948.

There are several occasion that Adam Milstein played the critical role to demonstrate his patriotic spirit to the state of Israel. He was part of the Israel Defense Forces who took part in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. The duties that Adam was delivering while serving at the position was delegated to him by General Sharon. He later joined the squad which was on a mission to across Suez Canal. He majored his education in the field of business where he graduated in business and economics from Technion. This is the point that imparted him with excellent skills of management. He then demonstrated his abilities in the circle of business when he helped his father expand the real estate.

The chance that made him put into practice his skills on issues of the real estate was when he served at Hager Pacific Properties. He graduated from the University of Southern California and was made to help in the post of the sales agent. The dedication that he showed his serving the company elevated him to the position of the management. Adam Milstein started showing the desires of the philanthropy work while he was in the Hager Pacific Properties. He then consulted the family before venturing entirely into the act of helping people in the society. Adam Milstein later formed a group with some few individual who had a common goal of assisting the community and leaving the legacy rather than making money. The great achievement that he has been lauded in the country is the helped that he has offered in strengthening the relationship between Israel and the United States.

Adam Milstein has made a huge transformation in the society through the effort that he has put in running different projects.


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Patients who have the Mutation of BRAF gene are treated with drugs such as Vemurafenib that specifically target the mutated gene. In spite of these drugs’ specificity, most patients who are treated with Vemurafenib eventually form a resistance leaving cancer to develop and spread. According to the lead author of this study, Carmelo Nucera M.D., Ph.D, drug therapy using a combination of the two drugs (Vemurafenib and Palbociclib) will effectively treat PTC. Mr Carmelo currently works as an assistant professor at Havard Medical School. The same research team had previously established that thyroid cancer cells that are resistant to Vemurafenib have loss of P16 gene which explains the ability of cancer to develop despite treatment.

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