When we talk about successful men, Anthony Petrello should be at the top of the list. Anthony Petrello’s career is remarkable and full of success, as evident in two thousand and fifteen he was rated among the highest-paid CEO in the United States. However, his success is not through sheer luck, Tony has worked hard to be where he is and his natural gifts and creativity come as an added bonus. Tony’s contributions to society cannot be overlooked, an example was how he helped children with neurological disorder.

Anthony Petrello started his education in the public school system in Newark. At his hometown, he was renowned for his math skills and fortunately he was awarded a scholarship at Yale and a chance to be mentored by the brilliant mathematician and author Serge Lang. Tony graduated from Yale with a bachelor and master’s degree however he decided to pursue law instead of mathematics as everyone had expected him to, instead he joined Harvard Law School.

In nineteen seventy-nine Anthony started working with Baker & Makenzie a key law firm In the US. While at the firm, Tony focused on business law specializing in taxes as well as arbitration. Years later Anthony was promoted to Managing partner at the firms New York department. At the Law firm, Tony got Nabors which drilled natural gas and oil onshore as a client, at the time Nabors was the largest company in the oil business in the world. Anthony impressed the managers at Nabors with his work that they expressed the need to hire him at ones and like that the up-and-coming mathematician became a business executive.

Tony Petrello begun his work at Nabors in 1991 as Chief Operating Officer, he continued to go up the corporate ladder after that, he became a member of the board of directors and later that year he went on to become the president. His contributions as CEO such as the purchase of the 32million dollar drilling firm as well as his effort in bringing Superior Well Services under Nabors corporate wing are irrefutable. Tony Petrello’s governance has been excellent, under him the company has grown and thrived even when the competition was extreme this could be attributed to his excellent management skills and ability to create long lasting calculated ideas. It is clear that the skills of Anthony Petrello as a business manager has been exceptional. Few people can match or come close to what he has achieved in throughout his career.