Flavoring the Future of Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth is a lip balm company that exploded onto the market over seven years ago. Before their debut buying lip balm meant scanning the shelves of a pharmacy or department store for a clinical tube that held a bland flavor that even cherry and mint couldn’t help.

The founders of Evolution of Smooth, EOS for short, saw a market that wasn’t being tapped. There was a whole new generation of fashion forward millennial women that weren’t being catered to. The founders set to work to come up with something that would appeal to these women and make them happy to use their products. Check more articles here on frenchtribune.com.

Flavor was a big part of making sure their product would become favorable, but it wasn’t the only piece of the puzzle. The company knew its product would have to catch the eye of the fashion conscious women before their flavors came into view. Enter, the orb. Every aspect of the packaging went under deep scrutiny, from the sleek design to the way it sounded when it opened and closed, here’s additional source.

Once the design was done all that was left was to come up with amazing flavors that appealed to sophisticated young women. Here are a few of their great flavors.


Coconut Milk

Not only is this flavor delicious, it also sounds appealing. Coconut milk is a mild, sweet, creamy flavor that is sure to please. Comes in a soft-pink orb with a white swirl.


Summer Fruit

This flavor combines several sweet summer flavors into one tasty experience. Just like all the other EOS flavors it’s packed with vitamin E and Aloe making it good for your lips and your senses. Comes in a red smooth orb. Find out more here on evolutionofsmooth.ca.


Sweet Vanilla Nonsense

Perfect for the mild vanilla lover with a sweet tooth. The explosion of flavor will make you reel and leave you craving the luxuruious vanilla bean. Comes in a variety of colored orbs.


Check EOS’ twitter account here on https://twitter.com/eos?lang=en.