EOS Launches New Lip Balm

EOS lip balm lovers are going crazy for the newest sprout of flavors and shapes. They have been known for their iconic round lip-balm shape, but now they are bringing to the table a whole new take on the popular vegan lip balm, see evolutionofsmooth.de for more. It’s called the Crystal Lip Balm and it’s clear, fresh and hot off the market. The popular lip balm is reaching stores all over the world so you can take advantage of the same great formula blended into each balm, but now you can see right through it.

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EOS is proud to bring their new innovative collection to the market to enhance their already popular lip balms. Not only are their new colors, flavors and shapes, but they boast that their products are completely animal byproduct-free, head over to target.com. The newest of the EOS Crystal Lip Balm launched on August 4th and quickly sold out on their website the same day. However, they have fully stocked their inventory and now offer the delightful lip balm at Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens. For only $5.49 you can treat your lips to the smoothest most moisturizing lip balm on the market.

Currently, there are two flavors to choose from, but they will be adding more eventually. You can pick between the luscious Vanilla Orchid or the delightful Hibiscus Peach. Both are made with shea, coconut, natural oils and avocado. They are both wax free and vegan, which makes it a great lip balm product for everyone. Each balm includes only 17 ingredients blended into each bundle of joy. The shea butter that’s used is a different type of shea butter that’s transparent. You can be sure to purchase the EOS flavors at your favorite department store and take advantage of the newest technology in the lip balm world. You can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed, and neither will your lips.