The Best EOS Review

When you are looking to purchase EOS Lip Balm, you can find them at your local drug store, Wal-Mart, and Target with a reputation of selling the lip balm at it’s lowest price of $2.99. The EOS Lip Balm comes in over 20 different colors and flavors. Each item is packaged in an egg shaped mold which holds the product, refer also to This product is especially great for individuals who would rather skip makeup, and go for a more natural approach. Though each item is packaged in a multitude of colors and flavors, the lip balm itself is typically a natural color. If you are planning to wear a lip gloss or lipstick, the EOS Lip Balm can be used as a moisturizing base.

EOS Lip Balm is a hydrating solution to chapped lips. Each lip balm has different ingredients, so be sure to be mindful of that. For example, the tangerine flavor is medicated, and some of the others contain SPF. There are options that contain neither, but being informed could save you from a bad experience.

Critics and product reviewers of EOS Lip Balm have said that the EOS Lip Balm does not have a repairing agent (unless you choose the medicated option) says This caused for a lot of comparison to other lip balm and chap stick companies with solutions that do. The biggest pro of EOS Lip Balm is that the product contains 95-100% all natural ingredients. The lip balm is made in the United States, and is not tested on animals. The product is also gluten free. Read more related source here on

Overall consumers gravitate towards this product. It is unique in size, color, and shape leaving a captivating presence. The EOS Lip Balm franchise is consistently growing and becoming extremely popular to consumers all over the world. The EOS website allows consumers outside of the United States to order the product. Now, anyone can be a part of the EOS family.

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