Review Of Vegan Crystals Lip Balm And Other EOS Products

EOS is a well known brand of lip balm. The company is known for it’s sphere shaped container, all natural ingredients and tasty flavors. The lip balms are made with ingredients such as, coconut, Shea and other natural ingredients. EOS lip balms also have ingredients like jojoba oil, antioxidant- rich vitamin E and beeswax. Their newest edition is vegan friendly. The Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid vegan crystal lip balms. The lip balms are also hypoallergenic and petrolatum free, which makes them rather popular. Their new vegan lip balms sold out the same day they appeared on the website.

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The packaging is geared mostly towards women, since studies show women use lip balm more. It has colorful spheres to help make the product more fun and appealing. The company has a tagline that is true: The lip balm that makes you smile. the lip balms come in many natural flavors. They are so popular that they sell around one million units each week. Head over to this cool site.

Eos not only has lip balm, they also have hand lotion. The hand lotion comes in an egg-like container similar to the lip balm, you can see this product here on They also have body lotion and shave cream. The shave cream is made with natural ingredients including, shea butter, grape seed extract, vitamins and green tea for a soft feel all day.