How Whitney Wolfe Herd Opened Doors for Women in Business

Bumble is a powerful company that was started by Whitney Wolfe Herd. What started out as a dating app has evolved into a much bigger thing. Whitney Wolfe Herd has her sights on helping people that want to network, and she has hired two sisters that are expert executives when it comes to networking apps.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has done a lot this year, and her wedding dress has not been the only thing that sparkled as she took to the cover of Forbes Magazine and December. Whitney Wolfe Herd proved what many people realized from the early start of Bumble. Whitney would showed people that she was more than just another pretty face. Whitney Wolfe Herd had her mind on creating app technology that would make it so much easier for people to embrace the concept of dating apps, but she would also opened the floor to building friendships through Bumble. There’s so much to explore, and her ability to bring Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF into the circle made it possible for people to really appreciate what she was trying to do with Bumble.

It showed that she was not a one-dimensional person when it came to dating apps. What this really started to show was that Whitney Wolfe Herd was eager to dive into other aspects of social media and get her name out in a way where it would be more empowering to women that were utilizing this technology.

More women would actually get the chance to see that this was the app that would change the way that they look that there own lives. Women that were considering business opportunities in technology before may have never assumed that they could do this before Whitney Wolfe Herd. Now they are more than confident because she has taken the burden of breaking the grass ceiling away.

Whitney Wolfe Herd plans to continue breaking many other barriers to entry in the business world by showing women that they can do the same things that men can do. This is one of the reasons why she has created a Bumble staff that consists primarily of women.

She wanted women to get the experience that they may have been denied if they work for other companies. She wanted women to have a say in how her app was being developed. Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted women to be empowered through Bumble because she knows how hard it is for women.