Delicious, Pretty and Nourishing-the Wide Range of Flavors from EOS Lip Balm

Getting smooth lips is now as easy as grabbing an orb of your favorite EOS lip balm flavor from selected stores in the country. EOS lip balms come in an array of delicious flavors which have been tested by dermatologists, are hypoallergenic, and free of parabens, and petrolatum. They have added natural ingredients like jojoba and vitamin E to give you smooth, soft and healthy lips. Here, are the best EOS lip balm flavors:

  • Organic lip balm, pomegranate and raspberry flavor: The flavor comes with the sweet taste combination of raspberry and pomegranate. The product is smooth and all natural and encased in an enticing burgundy orb.
  • Passion fruit flavor: there is nothing that would be more delightful than a taste of the tropical passion flavor on your lips. The flavor is soft, gluten-free and comes in a mauve orb.
  • Sweet mint: If you love the fresh and crisp taste of mint on your lips, this is the ideal EOS flavor for you. The flavor comes encased in an enticing mint orb and gives your lips the ultimate source of moisture.

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About EOS

EOS stands for the evolution of smooth. The company creates and distributes a broad range of lip care products. The little pleasurable orbs of lip balm only cost $3.29, click here. Their products have gained a lot of popularity with stars such as Miley Cyrus, Hillary Duff, Christina Aguillera, Tailor Swift and even Kim Kardashian endorsing their quality products.

The company has come a long way to beat industry veterans such as chapstick. The method they applied to win over their customers was creating a product which stepped away from the medical precision of the old, typical lip glosses to something sleek, new and stylish. Hurry and grab your favorite flavor of the delicious lip care products because they are literary flying off the shelves.