EOS Lip Balm Review

Evolution of Smooth has created a fancy new way to use chapstick. Unlike the past traditional methods, this lip balm is sealed in a spherical pod with a top that unscrews. The design of this product is very sharp, catching the eyes of many well-renowned celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, see also celiacandthebeast.com. Evolution of smooth wanted to create a new way of using lip balm by making their product appealing to all of the senses. It looks, feels, smells, and tastes amazing. Since the release of the EOS lip balm, sales have skyrocketed. Due to the popularity of their product, the company has been working towards an upgraded design to even further their success.

The new product from the Evolution of Smooth company is a redesigned version of their original pod design says usmagazine.com. It features a similar shape, however more of a triangular look. The major changes are within the lip balm itself. The new lip balm is clear – and looks amazing. The clear appearance is due to the removal of the wax. Without the wax, the balm can provide hydration and moisture to your lips without the heavy feeling that is normally present. Additionally, the new version is totally vegan and also includes five natural oils such as avocado and coconut.

The sales of the new EOS lip balm have been off the roof. The five dollar product sold out in stores very quickly. It can be found in many major retailers such as Walmart and Target, and is available in a couple different flavors. EOS has taken over the lip balm industry, becoming one of -if not the most popular option nowadays. Try one of these quality products out and feel the hydration power for yourself!

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