EOS New Crystal Clear Lip Balm

EOS just released a new crystal clear lip balm. It’s 100% vegan, so it doesn’t have a waxy feel. It’s packaged in a new version of EOS Lip Balm’s spherical container too. Now, it’s got a slight diamond shape. This new clear balm comes in two flavors and aromas, vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach.

The hibiscus peach comes in a pale pink diamond and the vanilla orchid is packaged in a soft yellow, check this out. As usual the moisturizing formula contains great lip conditioners like avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and castor seed oil. The formula is still free of Paraben and petrolatum. EOS still guarantees it’s hypoallergenic and wax free.

This is the latest product from the Evolution of Smooth (EOS). EOS was founded in 1991 in Hamburg, Germany by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller. They started the company determined to bring an archaic industry into the twenty-first century and target women as their primary buyer.

Their goal was to appeal to all five senses: taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing, says evolutionofsmooth.com. They successfully accomplished that goal with an orb packaging containing great smelling and tasting, softening lip balm with a screw-on cap. The creators of EOS took great care in designing everything from the packaging to the marketing. They hired a clay artist to create molds of the packaging. The spherical orb was selected because of its simplicity of use. They touched on every detail; even the clicking sound of the screw-on cap was modified. When it came to creating the flavors, tastes and smells along with the orb colors, more extensive efforts had to be expended, but the end result was worth every bit of the effort expended.

Today, EOS distributes its products to eleven countries in three continents. In addition to its highly successful lip balm collection, which expands regularly, it also produces hand and body lotion and shave cream. EOS will surely continue revolutionizing the personal care industry and the consumer will continue enjoying the benefit of using EOS products, buy their products here on amazon.de.

Go to https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/ and check out the latest trends.