EOS vegan lip balm reviews widely positive

During the past five years, I think I have tried every flavor of EOS Lip Balms! I started using the product when I noticed my favorite celebrity and personal style icon Kim Kardashian was using it. I adore her and enjoy using the same things she uses, but let’s be honest, she has a lot more discretionary income than me! Still, EOS Lip Balms are inexpensive, and I can buy them just like Kim, buy here at amazon.de. When I pull my EOS Lip Balm from my purse I feel young, confident and cool.

My favorite flavor has always been Wildberry, and now I also love the Hibiscus Peach which is part of EOS Lip Balm’s new vegan line. Called Crystal lip balms, the two vegan flavors available come in see-through EOS packaging orbs, and contain no wax. The lack of wax is what makes the lip balms vegan, and it also makes them feel even smoother on your lips. Reception to the lip balms has been outstanding, and EOS Lip Balms seems poised to disrupt the oral care industry further, hop here on fraeulein-ungeschminkt.de.

EOS Lip Balm’s have been upending the lip balm industry since being introduced to customers in 2010. The products changed the way customers viewed lip balm. No longer was it only available in boring white tubes with medicinal flavors like peppermint and cherry. EOS Lip Balms success comes from its attractiveness to young female consumers that love the fun flavors and brightly colored packaging. EOS Lip Balms continue to grow in popularity, put pressure on its competitors and the company is quickly rising to the top of the oral care industry.