Jeunesse Global Introduces Exciting New Product Lineup

Jeunesse Global has only been around since September of 2009. But in that time, it has become one of the most important direct distributors of health and beauty supplies in the world. Jeunesse’s spectacular growth can largely be attributed to the skill and experience of its founders. As an entrepreneurial couple, the Jeunesse founders can now add yet another successful company to their resume.

Founded by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global started as little more than a way for the couple to keep themselves from going crazy throughout their third attempt at retirement. But they could not help themselves. As new orders began picking up, the couple’s natural passions for building successful businesses began taking over. Soon, the company that they had literally started out of their garage was doing millions of dollars in sales each year. Jeunesse Global was heading for the stratosphere.

With Ray’s penchant for sales and recruiting and Lewis’ abilities with product development and corporate operations, the new business quickly began thriving. Today, Jeunesse Global has tens of thousands of distributors operating in dozens of countries across the globe.

Unlike some other direct marketing firms, the company has just one package of products. Known as the Youth Enhancement System, the package is designed to be an all-in-one health and beauty solutions, which enables people to obtain their monthly supply of products from one source, without having to needlessly shop around dozens of stores to get all that they need.

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One of the most popular products in the lineup is NV. NV is a skin lotion that restores youthful glow and radiance. It has also been scientifically proven in lab experiments to restore youthful elasticity to the skin. It comes in 9 different tones, so anyone can find the right match for their skin. NV also contains a number of specialized molecules exclusively developed by Jeunesse. One of these, APT-200, has been proven to reverse the appearance of wrinkles and restore elasticity, making the user look up to a decade younger on their first application.

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The product is available exclusively through Jeunesse.

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