Jeunesse Global Makes Its Mark With Lineup Of Great Products

Jeunesse Global, one of the most successful startups in the health and beauty industry to come along in recent years, has made an incredible ascent. Starting from a two-person operation, run out of a retired couple’s garage, Jeunesse has risen to the heights of the global health and beauty industry, doing over $100 million in sales every year.


Now, Jeunesse Global is making waves with some of the most innovative products to hit the global health and beauty industry in decades. With Wendy Lewis, a longtime veteran of the industry, behind the company’s extensive research and development efforts, Jeunesse has been able to develop multiple all-new products each year. The company now boast one of the most impressive product lineups of any direct marketing health and beauty business in the world.


Just as one example, the company recently unveiled its M1nd mental health drink. As one of the first cognition-enhancing nutritional supplements that comes in drink form, M1nd has made a definite splash across the globe. Distributors are reporting that the flavorful beverage is barely able to stay stocked on their shelves. And the benefits of the drink are rapidly becoming the stuff of legend.


M1nd is aimed at those with a busy lifestyle who may not always be able to get a full night’s rest. The drink is formulated with the patented molecule known only as Cera-Q, developed in-house exclusively for use in the drink by Jeunesse. Users report that the drink can instantly allow them to enjoy the same mental acuity at later hours of the day or when tired that they would normally enjoy in the first few hours of the day, after a solid night’s rest. Check Jeunesse Global on GooglePlay.


M1nd has been shown to increase such cognitive tasks as working memory and calculation speed. But perhaps the drink’s most important effect is to increase the attention span and focus of users. The drink has been shown to be able to markedly increase user’s ability to concentrate on tasks. This is welcome news to all those who earn a living with their brain, as a simple swig of M1nd can restore them to their optimum mental state. Click Here for additional information.


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