Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Reinstates Bradesco To Its Market Leadership Position

Only a few of Bradesco Presidents have been able to disrupt the Brazil economy. These professionals are experienced in both credit operations and are highly involved in the financial industry of the country. Because of their prominence in the industry, their views on financial matters are keenly followed and hardly can you not hear other businesspeople and political figures alluding to their utterances: Not to mention the media’s dedication to providing up to date reviews.

One sort of Bradesco’s president is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, whose assumption of the pinnacle spot of the management. Nonetheless, the selection process at Bradesco is not a lift of a feather, and neither was the procedure of Marcio Cypriano’s, the outgoing resident, succession story. Likewise, during Lazaro Brandao’s exit, the process was similar to a test of resistance, while Brando himself was deemed an underdog during the debate over whom to succeed the founder and the then president, Amador Aguilar.

Inclement Financial Environment

Trabuco Cappi takes up the position amid industrial instability: only after two months after Itau Unibanco ousted Bradesco as the market’s leader and forecast to be the one to lead the Bradesco fraternity to an increased profit margin despite the unfavorable economic times. In the country, the extent of this has decelerated activity, and that means credit loan will dwindle even more than 2007 and 2008. If this were to be expressed according to Credit Suisse bank, Bradesco’s come-back to equity would be 21.3% in 2009, 2.1% lower than that in 2008. “Despite the fact that Bradesco lost its market leadership, it is undoubtedly clear that Bradesco is destined to become one of Brazil’s long-term banks,” remarked Marcelo Telles.

HSBC Purchase

Trabuco Cappi indeed is the perfect choice for the presidency and raffled the financial industry to illuminate Bradesco’s reputation. That follows his acquisition of the HSBC in Brazil. As modest and charming as he is, Trabuco’s take on their failure to retain market leadership was that leadership on its own is not an objective. The goal is to concentrate on offering quality services to consumers within the municipalities that they serve. With the green flag from the Board’s Chair Lazaro Brandao, Trabuco managed to purchase conduct the acquisition of the HSBC (Brazil). “The deal has enabled us to reach a significant milestone: one which could have taken us six years to attain through organic growth.”

Career Awards

Since joining the bank in 1969 as a clerk, Trabuco has grown to become one of the principal men in Brazil’s financial markets and taking the absolute decision to integrate HBSC among its valued assets, he was nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016, and he clinched the feat. During his tenure as the President of Bradesco Insurance Company and Pension, he campaigned for the need to tap into the market opportunities ought to be coalesced and transform them into viable results. That made him recognized as the Insurance Personality of the Year in both 2003 and 2007.

Education Background

Known for his humor and spoke spoken, Luiz Carlos Trabuco does not exude a banker’s demeanor. In fact, he appears rather calm and subtle. Besides, Bradesco’s booklet discourages extravagant living, and the father of three children is adhering to the advisory to the latter.

Unlike the typical banker, he holds a degree certificate in Engineering, economics administration and accounting. He is a University of Sao Paolo graduate with a Philosophy’s degree. On top of that, he pursued post-graduate studies and earned a certificate in Sociopsychology from the Sao Paolo School of Sociology and Politics.