Samuel Strauch Proves Life Is About Balance

Samuel Strauch is the owner and founder of Metrik Holdings a multinational real estate services company. The services his company provides include real estate acquisition, development, management services and brokerage.

Though his real estate businesses is a huge success, and he has much to teach in the art of business implementation, he is adamant that the most valuable tips he can offer have to do with the overall balance of a person’s life.

In his interview with epodcast, he spoke of a theory of happiness and flow. The basics are that you have to be in tune to yourself to be able to excel. By working in fields that make you happy, and making life adjustments that make you happy, many of the things that are so often chores start to flow. “It’s a theory of life emphasis.”

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Not that making decisions that help your state of mind is easy. Some decisions are hard at first, but as your life flows, they get easier. This allows you time to be forward thinking and creative. This is where his theory very much gets into business.

This newer generation is less tethered to traditional workspaces and schedules. Strauch says Metrik Holdings likes these newer traits, analyzes them relentlessly and has been very successful at meeting the needs of their customers. Creativity is key.

“I meditate and make sure my endeavors make the most effective use of my mind. When I wake up, the first thing I do is take 5 minutes to express my gratitude for all that I do have. Then dedicate myself to always be curious and I mentally set goals for the day.”

Even his recommendation on what to read is perhaps unusual. According to Strauch there’s enough self help and motivational books out there. His suggests One Hundred Days of Solitude. It will give you a chance to reflect and foster your own creativity as well as enjoy a literary masterpiece.

Samuel Strauch is definitely interested in sharing his knowledge with other entrepreneurs. His message is to the happiness of the person as a whole. From this, success will flow.

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