Securus Beginning To Discuss The Multiple Wrongdoings Of Global Tel Link

Securus is a Better Business-accredited company that offers investigative solutions, public safety solutions, corrections solutions and monitoring solutions. Richard Smith, who is also known as Rick, is the CEO of the company. He stated that he loves the industry that he works in. He likes the fact that Securus serves inmates, law enforcement officials as well as the friends and family members of inmates.

However, Rick is disappointed that Global Tel Link, which is another inmate communications provider. An investigation has revealed that Global Tel Link has been overcharging customers. Rick has stated that making money is not Securus’s only focus. The company is also focused on making sure that customers are served in the right way.

There are several things that Global Tel Link has done to breach integrity. The company has added time to calls in order to charge customers more. Global Tel Link has also billed people multiple times for one call. Furthermore, the Louisiana Public Service Commission found that taxpayers in Louisiana paid over 1.2 million in overcharges.

Securus will be releasing reports that detail the integrity breaches of Global Tel Link. The purpose of releasing the reports is to persuade Global Tel Link to act with better integrity.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.