Securus Technologies Changing How Officers Run Prisons

I have been employed as a corrections officer for over a decade, and in that time I have seen how things have changed in our prison from dangerous to deadly. Inmates are more violent than ever, and will often take out their aggression on officers because we are usually the only law enforcement they come in contact with. The explosion in inmate populations and the easy accessibility of drugs in the jail makes my job that much more dangerous, so me and all the officers that work in this jail have to make efforts to control the contraband and keep the inmates from getting out of hand.


Our prison was in contact with Securus Technologies, and this as going to be a decision that would have huge positive implications for our facility. The company developed a jail phone monitoring system that allows my team to get a better listen to what the inmates are talking about on the phones without us having to sit and listen manually to those calls. The LBS software was going to pay closer attention than half a dozen officers could ever do, picking up specific chatter on things the inmates are talking about from weapons to contraband.


Now that my team of officers is back in force on the ground, we can better attack pressing issues when the alerts come down. To give you an example of how we are able to get in front of the trouble, here are just some of the things we have diffused this month. One inmate was using the jail phone to tell his gang brothers about a potential hit on a rival gang member, we eliminated the threat. One inmate was selling drugs and bragging about how he was gaining favor with a gang, we were able to confiscate those drugs that day.