Success Academy-Successful Learning For A Lifetime

The world of education has changed significantly over the years. In fact, in the last two decades there has been increasing demand to change the way children are taught. While in year’s past, structure and discipline played major parts of education and many of the classroom education styles were regimented with standard classroom texts. While this type of classroom boasted success for over 50% of the students, there has always been a significant minority of students who struggled with the standard classroom education environment. By contrast, in today’s school systems diversity can be one of the most advantageous tools in teaching children and skill that children can acquire to help them excel in life.


At Success Academy Charter Schools, theyapproach learning with passion for all children and we believe that enhancing personal skills can help children in their educational skills. In the last 50 years, there has been a great deal of educational research that has shown just how important diversified and comprehensive learning is for children to help them succeed in life. While it was previously thought that the most important educational lessons children learned did not occur until middle school, research proves that very vital learning for all children starts at a very young age.


There are several ways that children learn through their developmental years and most occur in the sensory processing with the body through: sights, sounds and tactile touch. That is why so many children in magnet schools and charter schools that focus on diverse learning presentations and interactions like Success Academy, offer children many opportunities to excel in different areas based on their personal strengths. Additionally, it is important to understand that not all children process information the same. At Success Academy Charter Schools, we are focused on creating classroom learning environments that allow for multiple ways for children to take in the educational information we present.


Success Academy’s proven achievement with children and education is built on a comprehensive style of education that involves building critical thinking. In addition, Success Academy helps children build healthy self-respect, independence, intra-dependence and self-advocacy skills to help each child find their own educational and interpersonal successes and build on them using their strengths from early childhood through high school.

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