Waiakea Water is a Truly Different Bottled Water Brand

In the $100B annual global bottled water market, few brands can say that they actually offer something different. Just a few decades ago, the idea of bottled water for the masses as laughable at best. With a few exceptions, such as Perrier and Evian, both of which are long established brands with premier source locations and catering to the rich and influential class, bottled water seemed to be a frivolous indulgence that most common people would not be interested in, let alone able to regularly afford. Today, however, the world can seem to get enough bottled water. In any grocery store beverage aisle, one is likely to find no less than a dozen brands on the shelves. Most of these brands are struggling to find a unique perspective in the market, some try gimmicky advertising or taglines, some try to claim that their water “tastes better”, while others make questionable claims that their water is somehow healthier than others because it was created with “scientific engineering”. Read more about Waiakea Water on 10bestwater.com.

While some makers may say that their unique filtration method, or their appealing range of flavors is the thing that should have you clamoring to stock your pantry with their products, there is one brand that is legitimately able to make a claim that they are truly different. Waiakea Water is more than just another trendy bottled water brand, they are poised to be the next industry leader. But what is it that really makes them different? Let’s take a look at this one of a kind water bottler.

First, while a lot of companies claim that they have a unique filtration process, Waiakea water actually does. They process their water not through osmosis filters, or a scientific distilling process, but rather through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock which purifies it better than any other method ever used before. But as if the fact that this is possibly the purest water ever marketed, and no doubt the coolest, there is another aspect that you may not have thought about, what if you could drink a bottled water that is actually better for the environment. Visit BevNet to know more.

Most bottled water brands use traditional plastic bottles that are very harmful to the environment. These bottles can take years if not decades to break down once they enter landfills. While recycling programs are helpful, facilities to process these plastics are not readily available everywhere. Waiakea Water decided that since the environment and the connection that the people have with it are so important to the culture and values of Hawaiians, they needed to change the industry for the better. As such, they become the first food and beverage manufacturer to use a fully biodegradable bottled made with a special plastic that incorporates Nano chemical technology. With the use of this plastic, the bottles are fully broken down in nature within 15 years or less, unlike other bottles which can take up to a century or more. In addition to these bottles, Waiakea is also using reduced-emission vehicles for deliveries and equipment at their bottling plant that uses significantly less energy than its traditional counterparts.

Waiakea Water is without any doubt going to be the hottest brand in the bottled water industry in 2018. It is also relatively certain that they will be an innovator not only in the bottled water sector, but in the food and beverage industry as a whole for a long time to come.